Sustainasole Rubbish Reincarnated Sustainasole Rubbish Reincarnated

Um, did we just make our most sustainable shoe ever?

Help us clean up the planet one-shoe-at-a-time with SustainaSole™, comfy rubbish, reincarnated. The mission with this collection is to provide a sustainable footwear solution, to divert waste whenever possible, and give new life to materials which would otherwise be discarded. Composed of high quality recycled materials, SustainaSole™ delivers our most innovative, eco-minded collection to date, while also delivering a heavy dose of comfort and durability.

how it's made

An Image of foam waste

When manufacturing footwear, there’s leftover scrap that’s typically sent to a landfill or gets incinerated. But, wait, that’s perfectly good scrap!

An image of the griders

By partnering with BLUMAKA, we're now able to collect foam scrap, and grind it into smaller pieces to be repurposed.

An image of ground particles

We then use those foam pieces as cushy, durable filler for our soles.

An image of the final shoes

Using BLUMAKA's patented technology allows us to clean-up our own waste and give new life to foam which would otherwise be discarded.

What's Next?

The SustainaSole collection is a big step forward in our journey to create a more sustainable future. Made with love for humans that respect our planet as much as we do. Our hope is that our customers will vote with their dollars and help us grow SustainaSole in a meaningful way, as we continue to innovate and build a more sustainable future.

An image of the hoka shoe split out in its pieces

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