Picture of dolphins in the ocean. Picture of dolphins in the ocean.

Protect Your Happy Place

Protect Your Happy Place
A Proactive Partnership A Proactive Partnership

Welcome to Sanuk’s partnership with Surfrider Foundation - a nonprofit, environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, beaches and waves.

Picture of a person with a surfboard.

We love getting outdoors! And if there’s one thing we’ve learned along our journeys, it’s that with great enjoyment, comes great responsibility.

Sanuk was founded with one simple goal: to make people smile… and pass it on! So if a place makes you smile…pass it on to others, and leave it better for the next person and future generations. Wherever your happy place may be, you’ve got a duty to make sure it stays happy, healthy, clean and pristine.

Picture of a person with a surfboard.
Picture of the whole clean up group. Picture of the whole clean up group.
2 Miles of Smiles: Picture of the coast.

At Sanuk, our happy place is our own backyard: a curved coastal slice of Santa Barbara, California we call the “2 Miles of Smiles.” These stomping grounds serve as a backdrop that brings endless inspiration to our lives and to the products we make.

We are committed to getting out and giving back - both at the local and global level. Alongside Surfrider’s Santa Barbara and Isla Vista Chapters, Sanuk is helping to provide local educational sessions and spearhead beach cleanups to protect clean water, reduce plastic pollution, and defend this beautiful coastline from offshore drilling.

Around the globe, Sanuk is home to a unique and diverse ambassador squad. These surfers, artists, yogis and musicians engage on environmental issues impacting their respective happy places.

Join the Cause!

Together with Surfrider, we pledge to use our ever-growing voice, passion and community to champion awareness, amplify activism and magnify environmental stewardship.

We invite you to join the cause and keep a grin on our planet’s big, blue and green chin.