ripe for the pickin'

Get ready for fall with this bounty of chill slip-ons, Yoga Sling sandals for women, comfy shoes and all sorts of
Sidewalk Surfers that're ripe for the pickin'. Now hangin' at

collaging the line

Once upon a time in Mainland Mexico, Paige Alms, Cori Barnick and Jaysea DeVoe came together in a new way to celebrate the interchange of
their favorite things-surfing, yoga, photography, stoke, health and wellness-by creating live, on-the-spot art with the Queen of Collage, Susan
Wickstrand. Join this smile-filled crew of newfound friends as they cross-step the line between life as art and art as life.

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behold the next chiba quests!

Our latest mix of Sidewalk Surfer meets casual sneaker brings sleek new silhouettes, multiple lacing options,
machine-washable materials, cool colorways and, of course, that flexy, stretchy, freeing barefoot.

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