close up of Sanuk shoes
close up of Sanuk shoes

Our Materials and Packaging

Responsible Cotton
We support the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which seeks to make cotton production better for the planet and the people who produce it. Furthering our commitment to using more responsible cotton, we have also signed the Sourcing Network's Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan cotton pledges, committing to not source from these regions due to the practice of forced labor in their cotton sector. Sanuk promises to source 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.

We utilize Yulex raw materials in three key parts of our shoe construction (rubber shell, neoprene collar, and rubber outsole). Yulex brings non-sensitizing, high performing, 100% plant based, specialty natural rubber materials to brands like Sanuk.

Yulex is a registered trademark of Yulex Corporation.

Hemp is gentle on mother earth. It requires little water to grow, flourishes in only small spaces requiring only a small amount of land to cultivate, and does not need pesticides.

Packaging Lifecycle Assessment (LCA)
We look at sustainability holistically: from product design, to product materials, to packaging. We are proud to have conducted a packaging materials LCA and through that exercise were able to set some lofty but highly attainable goals to further our packaging environmental savings. From increasing our use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper, to using less plastic and less paper, we are doing our part to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging materials. We estimate that by early 2020 our efforts will have saved approximately 70,000 trees – that a lot of trees!

Sanuk Total Savings Since Baseline
Reduced Carbon Footprint (lbs of C02) 6,013,813.90
Reduced Water Usage (gallons of Water) 34,455,935.59
Reduced Energy Usage (gallons of Petrol) 396,931.05
Reduced Dunnage (lbs of Packaging) 1,109,697.48

Vegan Product
We appreciate each and every one of our consumers and recognize that, just like us, they represent various beliefs and have different needs. We understand that certain consumers are looking for vegan options to best fit their active lifestyles and we are proud to offer vegan friendly options. We are actively working to make it easier for our consumers to see vegan options upon searching our website. While we are working on website attributes, consumers may also inquire about whether a particular style is vegan by contacting us at

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