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We believe in good business, the kind that helps our community, our environment and inspires others.

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Our Perspective

We believe in good business, the kind that helps our community and our environment and inspires the younger generation. Our Corporate Responsibility Program encourages us to always look at the broader impact of our activities on our customers, employees, communities and the environment.

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We are more than just a footwear brand – we are a brand with a heart and a soul. Our corporate HQ buildings are LEED-certified, we have waste diversion programs in place, and we are committed to greenhouse gas reduction by using solar energy. Our hope is that we can lead by example and help our partners take efforts to continue to reduce our collective impact on the environment.

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Materials and Packaging

We continue to seek sustainable alternatives for key materials – read more about our materials portfolio

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We embrace each other’s differences, knowing our diversity allows us to continue to develop unique, quality-driven products for our equally diverse customers. We have a deep-rooted company culture that encourages our employees to be who they are.

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Culture and Philanthropy

We recognize our unique position, as a global footwear company, to make a substantial difference in the world. We do this through our charitable contributions, product donations, and employee volunteer efforts. Read on to hear more.

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Policies and Principles

We have adopted robust policies which define the guidelines that the company follows for the effective implementation of our Corporate Responsibility initiatives. Our policies go beyond just maintaining the minimum requirements necessary to abide by law.