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In 1997, our founder Jeff Kelley started out with one simple goal: to make people Smile…and Pass It On. From our furreal astroturf flip flop to the Yoga Sling, Sidewalk Surfer or anything we dream in-between—it has to be fun.

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Welcome to the world of Sanuk. An unconventional cult brand on a fun, comfy, inventive quest to make your feet smile and put a grin on your chin

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This is Jeff.
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Our mission is to be the outfitter for the journey to your happy place. Making sure your feet are as comfy as can be, and the good vibes are always runnin' high

Protect your happy place. Protect your happy place.

Enjoying your happy places also means taking time to protect them for future generations of smile-seekers. So Sanuk has sandals on the ground preserving our precious coastlines alongside partners like The Surfrider Foundation

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Image of the coast.
Image of the coast.
Good Vibes Tribe.

Sanuk ambassadors aren't your everyday list of surfers, yogis, boardriders and artists. They're all-around fun human beings who personify our brand

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Journey Onward!
So come on and chill with us. In the world of Sanuk, smiles are always wider and the grass is always greener... every step of the way to your happy place.
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