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Smiles for Your Ears: The Waterpeople Podcast with Sanuk’s Lauren Hill & Dave Rastovich – Sanuk®

Enter: Lauren Hill and Dave Rastovich – a dynamic duo famed mostly for their wave slidings and lifestylings. Never ones to shy away from the challenge of adventure, the two Sanukers are embarking on whole new journey… taking to the airwaves in true smile style with their very own podcast. That’s right! Now you can treat your ears and experience a growing collection of carefully curated conversations inspired by liquid life itself…

Launched intentionally on World Listening Day, the Waterpeople Podcast serves as a gathering place for the global ocean community to dive into the critical conversations and culture through storytelling. For the show, Lauren and Dave sit down with some of the most adept waterpeople on the planet to explore common themes of aquatic lives lived well: ecology, community, activism, science, egalitarianism, inclusivity, meaningful play.

Each show begins by asking guests about a time or experience after which they were never the same. Their very first feature guest is former U.S. National Champion spearfisher, a free-diver, and chef, Kimi Werner. Kimi is a waterwoman of the highest calibre and a seemingly impenetrable fortress of calm and flow. She glides with great whites, hunts big fish and explores the great depths.

Aptly titled “Flipping Your Instincts”, Kimi recounts a story of attaining big dreams, losing love and wrestling inner turmoils that turned the solace of the ocean into a deafening cacophony of inner demons.

Kimi Swimmy. Photo: @perrinjames1

Hello from below. Photo: @perrinjames1

Lauren and Dave’s conversation with Kimi Werner was unexpected. It happened at the last minute before the two headed home to Australia from an extended winter stay on the North Shore of Oah’u. As they sat down, they expected stories of sharks and heavy water situation. But true to the deeply authentic person they imagined Kimi to be, she spilled her heart, too.

Peas in the seas: Lauren L. HIll, Kimi Swimmy and Dave Rastovich.

Three peas in the sea: Lauren L. HIll, Kimi Swimmy and Dave Rastovich, Oahu.

For more backstory story on this episode including show notes and additional imagery, join the conversation @ Also, be sure to follow this flow on Instagram: @Waterpeoplepodcast. There’s plenty in store, so stay tuned for more!