Sharks. Just the word alone strikes fear into even the bravest hearts… After all, they’ve been villainized for ages. Fossil records of date the legendary lurkers back about 400 million years, which means they have outlived the dinosaurs and many other forms of life currently on earth. 5

There are more than 1,000 species of sharks and rays, with new species discovered every year. And by all accounts, despite anecdotal stories, global shark populations are declining. In fact, shark numbers along Queensland, Australia have declined by more than 90% for some species in the past five decades.

For WaterPeople Podcast Episode 11, Sanuk ambassadors Lauren Hill and Dave Rastovich sit down with dive master, filmmaker, an entrepreneur, Madison Stewart– better known as Shark Girl. Together, the crew takes a deep dive into Madi’s world as an accidental activist and friend to the world’s most misunderstood apex predator…

In 2017, Madison was named the Australian Geographic Society Young Conservationist of the Year. She authored The Australian Guide to Surfing with Sharks and was featured as one of seven “Ocean Guardians” the documentary Blue. She’s partnered with The Smithsonian to make a documentary about her passion for shutting down Shark fisheries on The Great Barrier Reef, and beyond.

Listen in as Madi shares the transformative ocean experience that set her down her path. This one’s truly wild…

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