Smile or Die

Sanuk Spotify: Rock Out With Your Socks Out

Music. What day isn’t made better by it? And, really though… who doesn’t like a proper tune? Artists and genres aside, everyone likes something. And that’s pretty amazing. Want to jam? Turn it up. Rather keep it mellow? Tune it out. Need a good cry? Boom – love ballad. Gotta get amped? Hello, beat drop. It can be motivation. It can be therapy, nostalgia, noise… It can be anything – and boy, do we love it…

To celebrate the endless eargasmic adventure, we’ve created our very own hub for audible smiles – The Sanuk Spotify Channel. Today, we’re diving right into the radness with a special guest playlist from none other than Sanuk surfer / scribe / sweetheart, Lauren Hill.

We asked Lauren to share with us some of her all-time favorites. Here’s what she had to say…

Rock ‘n Roll music is embedded in my brain. I had no choice but to love it; it’s subconscious.The records and cds lined the shelves of both my parents. When my dad picked me up from school on Friday afternoons, he’d go back to work installing sprinkler systems, while I’d take a nap in his jeep, the radio always tuned to the local classic rock radio station like a good southern man. I get the feeling that this music is woven into the folds of my cerebral cortex, deeply entwined with childhood laughter, restful moments and getting psyched to go surfing…” – Lauren

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