QUESTIONABLE DECISIONS: From Portugal to Paradise… in the Blink of a Red Eye!

Tricky swell forecasts. A European surf vacation. Sketchy, sub-sea level caves. Pure elation. Unexpected deflation. Hasty plan changes. A mad dash to back to tackle XXL Jaws. Monster waves and minor inflations. Capped off with a home-turf surf and wicked rotations. Watch Sanuk’s Albee Layer, Torrey Meister & Matt Meola put the Quest in QUESTIONABLE DECISIONS…


Staring down 13,456 miles of relentless travel ahead… with a grin on his chin! Albee, pregame face.


When there’s swells to chase and decisions to face, toss your data plan to the wind and dive in. Albee and Torrey, in the thick of it.


Portugal’s a perfect place to chillax… until you get the call you weren’t hoping for…

Is there a more majestic creature than Torrey Meister deep in adventure?

That feeling when the swell you were chasing hasn't shown up and the swell you don't want to go home to is starting to make things interesting AF. 

Ugh. The feeling you get when the Euro swell your chasing hasn’t shown up yet, but the purple blob back home’s about to get interesting AF…

There are good reasons to miss flights. Here’s one of ’em. Albee, mouth as agape as this filthy Iberian drainer.


Sea Level: -10. Froth Level: +100. Torrey, scoring.

Now boarding: Kahului, Maui. Last call! Clocking serious travel means having companions you can trust. It’s Chiba Quest or bust…

Meanwhile on Maui... Matt Meola waits patiently for his pals to return to Paia town.

Meanwhile on Maui… Matt Meola waits patiently for his pals to return to Paia town.

Just off the jet, and Jaws beckons. The crew beelines for Albee’s Haiku homestead. Family and friends have assembled his big-wave gear for him ahead of time. Mothers worry. Hugs matter.

no rest for the wicked // @torreymeister jet lagged as all hell - just in time for swell • dusting off the cobwebs of his trusty gun in the ruthless #maui sun • here’s to the quiet moments before battle, a place in headspace - where butterflies and beasts inside collide...

There’s no rest for the wicked. Torrey Meister dusts off the cobwebs in a quiet moment before battle.

Bees buzzing in his head. Jetlagged as all get-out. Running on no sleep. But you think that could stop Albee from missing the Jaws comp? Pfft.

Jaws 2

…Still gonna send it, silly! Albee Layer in his happy place.

“Hey, Albee, I hear South Africa’s going off!” Lol.

Photo Credit | Portugal: Dan Norkunas, Forrest Dein | Maui: Adam Walker


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