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It’s that time of year again and St. Paddy’s day is here! So if you do find yourself throwing back some green beers and Irish car bombs you might want to bookmark this one for later. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Sanuk's Hangover Cure

Sanuk’s Hangover Cure Essentials

Last night’s soiree may have been a blast, but today those green beers are nagging your brain like the ex you texted last night. You need answers on how to beat this beast and we’ve got ‘em for you, no bollocks and all business. So here are a couple sure fire ways to ease you back into sobriety and beat those hangover blues.


First things first buddy, you need to hydrate up quick!  Alcohol is a diuretic so you, like everyone else at your little shindig, spent last night treating the toilets like they’d been stung by jellyfish. All that fluid that left your body needs to be replenished and finding some H2O will do you wonders. Sports drinks, Pedialyte and coconut water (Zicco all day) work miracles, so if you can get at ‘em, but if your downstairs isn’t a fully stocked Quick-E-Mart any H2O will do the trick. Water is equally legit and much easier to find if you happen to wake up on a stranger’s couch or even worse a hard tile floor. So grab a glass or put your hungover gullet under the faucet and drink up!

As for your daily cup of Joe, it can help you out as well, but not before you get a base coat of some non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverage inside you first. Your goal is to re-hydrate not dehydrate and caffeine will spin your hangover the wrong way around.

Eat Some Hangover Cure Food

There are heaps of so-called remedy foods to eat when you’re hungover, but the truth is they’re mostly myths. Pretty much any meal will do as long as you don’t overeat and use some common sense. Cracking a raw egg into a mystery cocktail of pantry chunder sounds fun and all, but it probably isn’t going to do anything besides give you a stomach ache and possibly salmonella.

Instead hit the veggies or track down  some multivitamins,  whole grains. or some high protein foods (scrambled eggs are boss). Also trust your instincts.  If a greasy hamburger is your thing, go for it. Comfort food is good as long as you don’t Augustus Gloop yourself into a food coma.

Light Exercise

Even though working out seems like an awful idea, it might be just the thing to help you kick those nasty post-bender symptoms. If you can muster the strength then breaking a sweat will help circulate your blood and release all those good feeling endorphins into your body. But again remember to stay hydrated and refrain from those grueling, Eye-of-the-Tiger Rocky Balboa workouts, your hung over hotshot.

…And NO! Jumping into a sauna is not the equivalent of working out. This will only dehydrate you more and could end up messing you up real bad. So don’t be a donkey and skip the unnecessary sweat session at your local day spa.

Hair of the dog

A small amount of morning after booze won’t hurt, but if you start doing keg stands in the a.m. then you’re in for a rude awakening. All that’ll do is delay your hang over and make it even more brutal down the road.

However if you do need a quick fix to shake off your morning DT’s then a single Bloody Mary with a meal isn’t half bad. The tomato juice and veggies contain essential vitamins and minerals and the spice might even help you mentally sweat out some toxins. But again, don’t overdo it and chase it down with copious amounts of water. Salud!

Stay away from Painkillers

Usually when your head is pounding you reach for those little white pills and call it a day. However, before you start scarfing down Tylenol like they’re a box full of Tic-Tacs, remember that painkillers can seriously damage your liver when alcohol is in still your system. You already put your liver through enough misery so lay off the meds for this one for your hangover cure.


Call in sick, clear your schedule, and get some sleep! Hangovers will lessen with time and a little extra shut eye will help your frail, withered body recuperate quicker than anything else. So complete all steps above:  Hydrate, have a light breakfast, work in a light exercise or perhaps a little “hair of the dog” to tire you out, and then get your arse to back bed! Hopefully this will cure your hangover’s wretched withdrawals and you can go back to your merry way with a smile!

Warning: Take this article with a grain of salt. Contrary to popular belief we are not trained medical bro-fessionals and hope you find this info entertaining above all else. Cheers!