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Waterpeople Podcast: Discovering Femininity – Episode 5 – Sanuk® Notwork

Treat your ears… the Waterpeople Podcast is back with a brand new listen! For Episode 5, host Lauren Hill sits down with style queen Leah Dawson – a professional surfer, culture shaper, and co-founder of the Changing Tides Foundation 

Photo: Luki O'Keefe

Photo: Luki O’Keefe

In “Discovering Femininity”, Leah shares beautiful stories about the magic of mentorship in surfing’s sisterhood. She goes on to illustrate the ways that riding traditional surf crafts helped her feel not only more feminine, but beautiful. Leah’s is a story about asking the tough questions of ourselves, confronting societal expectations and finding ourselves more fully within the context of a loving community.

Leah, in trim. Photo: Luki O'Keefe

Leah, true self in trim. Photo: Luki O’Keefe

Leah’s interpretation to riding waves is something to behold. She is pioneering the gap in women’s surfing between longboarding and shortboarding. Her “ride anything” ethos and voice has found its place right in the heart of modern surfing. With gratitude and reverence for the ocean at the forefront of her world, she’s nurturing a space for the next generations of water women to continue bustin’ down the doors of patriarchal norms…

Photo: Luki O’Keefe


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