Cosmic Q&A With Style Queen Kassia Meador – Sanuk®

We’ve teamed up with style queen and longboard champ Kassia Meador to spread some high fives, good vibes, and create something high-quality and low-impact together. We sat down with Kass (virtually, of course) and asked her a few questions to get the inside scoop about the making of the collection.

Q: How’d you end up teaming up with Sanuk on this collection?
A: I love everything that they do and I always have. They have a super sweet vibe and it’s always kind of like wild and psychedelic and dreamy and very earth minded, which of course, I am too. So when they hit me up and were like let’s do a collaboration I was super stoked at the idea.

Q: What inspired these styles and what do you like most about them?
A: These styles were inspired by high-vibe, low-impact footwear and eco-conscious creation as well as the California beach casual. I wanted something that was a a slide sneaker that I could easily slip on and off in and out of the water and also a really chill Yoga Sling that I could wear hiking that was really comfortable and super casual.

Kassia enjoying her happy place. Photo: Zak Bush (@zakbush)

Q: Describe this collaboration in three words.
A: If I was to describe this collaboration in three key catchphrases, I would say high-vibe, low-impact and California casual.

Q: What was your favorite part of the collaboration process?
A: My favorite part of the collab process was definitely talking about what we could create. It’s always so awesome when you get inspired by people that you’re working with and really kind of talking about what’s possible together. So, when I went up there, we were kind of talking about the artwork and the different shoes that we could create together and how they would all look. It just made me so excited. It’s just so awesome working and collaborating with different people because, really, everything is possible when you work together.

Q: What were some important aspects you wanted to include in the collection?
A: The most important thing to me, first, when it’s coming to creating a new collaboration is first sustainability; how high-vibe and low-impact can we be for Mother Earth. Second, is making it look as cool as possible and feel super cool. So, the style and how something feels comfort-wise is always super important to the design process.

Q: Where’s your happy place?
A: My happy place is the ocean. I love being in nature anywhere, whether it’s up in a cave or out in the forest, but the ocean is my number one favorite place on the planet.

Q: Anything else you want to tell the masses?
A: Thanks for being open to check out this collaboration and give your neighbors a smile. Stoke them out when you see somebody in the water. Smile at them and give them a wave because as we’re more stoked and we continue to spread the stoke and spread the smiles, the whole world becomes a more groovy, happy place. Enjoy everyone! Thanks so much for checking out this sweet new collaboration with my friends at Sanuk. Super stoked to put it out there and keep vibing!

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