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Waterpeople Podcast: Confronting Discomfort – Episode 4 – Sanuk®

He & the Sea

Take a deep breath, the Waterpeople Podcast is on air LIVE with a brand new episode!

This time, long-time Sanuk ambassador, Dave Rastovich, sits down with the inimitable Mark Healey. Chances are if you’ve seen any big wave surfing videos, events or news in the past decade, you may have heard the name… or at least recognize this face:

Uh oh…. Photo: Mark Healey / GoPro

Truth be told, Mark is a legendary waterman and big-wave surfer. Whether chasing big waves, spear fishing, working as a Hollywood stunt man, or spending extended amounts of time underwater, Mark has become a mainstay across several disciplines of heavy water.

Mark Healey. Photo: Dave Homcy

Mark Healey. Photo: Dave Homcy

This summer, he’s the guest storyteller for Episode 4, titled “Confronting Discomfort”. Listen in as he examines losing friends to the ocean, risk assessment above and below the surface, death-defying bull riding, forced meditation, avoiding lifelong regrets, and learning how to gain control by letting go…

For more info on this episode, scope Lauren & Dave’s show notes!

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