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Journey of a Lifetime: Brett Barley Scores Peeling Perfection at Skeleton Bay – Sanuk®

Cave dweller. Tube Magnet. Greenroom Guru. Call him what you want, but we’ve never met anyone that gets more barreled than Brett Barley. If there’s a wave, he’ll find it. If there’s a hollow wave, he’ll find a way inside it. It’s simply second nature. But Brett doesn’t just luck into clocking serious time in these cosmic cylinders… He earns it.


Surfer. Family Man. Fisherman. Vlogger. Brett is a man of many hats – and sandals.

A devout student of water, wind and weather patterns, Brett is basically as certified as it gets when its comes to knowing what swells will arrive where and what they’ll produce. While his home in the Outerbanks of North Carolina plays host to some epic waves each year (see “Autumnal Reminiscence“), Brett is no stranger to hopping long flights to try and score perfect surf yonder. Hawaii. The Caribbean. The Arctic. His list is a long one… and always growing.

A couple weeks ago, Brett dropped off the grid in a blink of a red eye. His destination? Africa… Namibia, to be more specific. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Google it and you’ll read its “It’s one of the largest countries in Africa and contains some of the most spectacular landscapes on the continent.” But is isn’t the landscape Brett is interested in… Behold, Skeleton Bay:

NAMIBIANot too shabby, hmm? Fortunately for Brett, his forecasting proved to be spot on for his latest strike. He scored the biggest surf the famed break had seen in 5 years. Lucky for us (those living vicariously), Brett always travels with cameras in hand to document his journeys from beginning to end. Enjoy…

and Part 2…

Mind blowing, right? Told you Brett lives in the barrel… Its a small wonder he doesn’t have gills at this point. If you’re still hungry for more, we invite you to scope Brett’s YouTube Channel. His vlog, LIFE ON WATER, delivers fresh visions like this on the regular. Grins guaranteed…

Brett Barley


You can also follow Brett’s adventures on Instagram: @BrettBarley