Need to get away from the screen? Want some new activities to help break up the day? Then here’s a trio of rad at-home hobbies and crafts that’ll get your body movin’ and mind groovin’.

1. De-wax then re-wax your boards

No swell lasts forever, so how about treating your sufboards to a spa day so they can look and feel dreamy? Strip that old flaky gray wax off, shine up the deck, bottom, curvy rails and tails, then rub a fresh coat of your fave wax in place. (Root beer smell, anyone?) You’ll be ready for more grip to rip when the next waves hit. You can even get geometric with it, try some new patterns, get funky, get creative. Hit up YouTube or the Interweb for some advanced waxing tutorials. 

Got no beach to reach or surfboard to hoard? Re-laminate and re-tape your skateboard decks, fix your chips, tighten your trucks, maybe even order some new wheels. 

None of these suggestions make sense to you? Possibly put the hamper lid upside down on a couch cushion and see if you can kickflip it. (We actually suggest not doing this one, but thinking about it is OK.)

2. Learn to hacky sack

If you’ve got legs that long to wander, give ’em something to do. Grab a footbag and have at it. Again, if you’re uninitiated with the hack, go to YouTube for tips and tricks. Just don’t expect it to be easy. (Because it’s not.) It’s a simple game that can quickly get your heart rate up and ego down. If you thought juggling a soccer ball was tough, see what happens when your foot’s bigger than the ball. 

Make sure to give yourself a wide berth, as the hacky sack can get a bit squirrely. If you line up facing a wall at about double arm’s length, that’ll keep you from chasing it too far.

If you don’t have a hacky sack, then don’t fret. Make your own with an old sock, some uncooked rice or uncooked peas, a needle and thread. 

3. Tarp surfing in the backyard or alley

Grab a skateboard, a blue tarp and a bud. Put the tarp on some concrete and have your buddy grab a corner of it. Here’s the trick—try to skate across the tarp while your corner-holding homie tries to fold the tarp over you like a giant barrel ride. If you do it right, you’ll be in a perfectly glassy tube of blue plastic while they’re running around behind you to the opposite side of the tarp. 

If you do it wrong, well, it’s cool—you’ll probably still have enough teeth to chew your food. Seriously, though, always use helmets and pads.

Congrats, you just got pitted—oceanlessly.

Hopefully something on this list puts a pep in your step and a grin on your chin. Bonus points if it all does. Hey, we’re in this together, so here’s to wishing everyone stays safe and sane out there.