Scene 1: In the Beginning…

When first developing out this concept we really wanted to bring to life all the fun aspects of Sanuk, after all, Sanuk is the Thai word for FUN. The book thematic seemed like a perfect fit for the journey, and what better product than Sanuk’s original Sidewalk Surfer to get us there.

The Original Sidewalk Surfer

The Original Sidewalk Surfer by Sanuk

Scene 2: Da’ Beach Brah

Our first stop on this journey is on a perfectly peeling wave made out of a real life yoga mat. With over 20+ years in the surf industry, we’re just a bunch of surfers over here, so we thought it important to showcase that. Not to mention the Yoga Mat is one of our best selling products… its also just super super comfy.

The Yoga Sling 2

Yoga Sling 2

Scene 3: That’s Sooo Global

Welcome to our version of a Global City. We referenced Dubai, Tokyo, Pisa, and even downtown San Diego (Our Home). Sanuk has a global footprint and can be found in over 70 countries worldwide. We continually strive to create products that work for all walks of life.

The Yoga Slinger

Scene 4: Meet our Founder

Below you’ll find Jeff Kelley (JK as we call him), Sanuk Founder. Tinkering one day in his tool shed, he made a sandal out of astro turf and thus, Sanuk was born. Innovation, creativity, fun, and function are all at the helm of what this brand stands for and it all started with JK…what a human!!! For Sanuk, “normal” has always been the enemy and the word “boring” ought never to be bothered with. This scene encapsulates that.

Scene 5: The Jam

Music is an important part of life, and at Sanuk it is no different. For this piece, Sanuk called upon friend and recording artist, Seth Pettersen, to provide the perfect soundtrack to bring the video to life. We hope to one day bring this scene to life with our own Sanuk Music fest…how sweet would that be!?!

Scene 6: BBQ Time

Sanuk is a family. Friday afternoon BBQ’s are a normal occurrence here at Sanuk HQ. This is as important as anything else we do here at Sanuk. Culture is key.

Scene 7: …And its only the Beginning

Today Sanuk is as much about fun as it is function, as much surfer as it is yogi, as much hip as it is hippie, and as much humor as it is genuine. From the very first Fur Real sandal to Sanuk’s first shoe, the Cassius, we will continue to provide the world with truly comfortable and creative footwear.

The Furreal Sandal

Furreal Sandal


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