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Stay Wild: Vancouver Swimmin’ Club

Welcome to the Vancouver Swimmin’ Club – a gathering of fun-havers and smile-seekers with a common goal: explore the surprisingly swimmable, semi-secret side of Vancouver, Canada.

Now, you may be thinking, “Swimming… in Canada?” …And to that, we hoot, “I know, right?!”

Thanks to our friends at Stay Wild Magazine, we learned firsthand just how much more there is to our northerly neighbor than hockey, maple leaves, and some guy named Bieber. In fact, there’s a whole lot of funky-fresh fun to be had right outside and around this modern metropolis.

Like… waterslides, salt water swimming holes, cliffs jumps, nude beaches, and natural river rides. You name it, this city’s got it. Seriously… They don’t call it #Funcouver for nothin’… Crazy, ehh?

Jericho Beach Jump

Who knew finding killer places to frolic around could be just outside of town? Bob Soven and Ola Krol show up and blow just outside the bustling city street of Vancouver.

Donna Blanket

What’s an adventure without a trusty pair of (side)kicks? The Donna Blanket will float your boat and then some!


Birds of a feather adventure together! Sanuk & Stay Wild friends Ola Krol and Mirae Campbell runnin’ hammock high above Lions Bay, British Columbia.


Speaking of birds, the #VancouverSwimmingClub discovered this peculiar creature flying through the friendly skies… its head atop with plumage as red as the ketchup with your fries. Bob Soven, double backflippin’ into the Pacific Northwest.


1…2… Freeeeeeee!


Feet in the sand. Head in the clouds. The Vancouver Swimmin’ Club kickin’ it at Wreck Beach.


Julian DeSchutter comin’ at Jericho Beach like a spidermonkey!


They don’t call it #Neature for nothin’ folks…


Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story…. I need all of you to stop what you’re doing and listen…. #Cannonball!” Bob Soven upping even Burgundy’s best with this sundown splash.


Ummm, gorgeous backdrop much? Just another day at the “office” for Sanuk wake wizard Bob Soven, who put on an absolute clinic during our stint at Deep Cov


Don’t grow up, it’s a trap…


As for the #VancouverSwimminClub, well friends, that’s a wrap!


Until next time…

The Vancouver Swimmin’ Club is…Bob Soven, Mirae CampbellAlly PintucciAdam WalkerOla KrolJulian DeSchutterAlisha CowderoyChelsea KeenanSteve VanderhoekGeoff Hewat.


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