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Put Down the Map and Get Wanderlost: 8 Destinations That You Have to Visit

blog.postedby: Jodie Cegelski Tue, 29 Jul 2014 21:38:01 +0000

If you keep catching yourself staring at your desktop background of crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches in Bora Bora instead of doing your job, then get up and go! Whether it’s a two week getaway to Mexico or 6 month back packing trip in New Zealand it’s crucial to escape from what you’re used to and familiarize yourself with something other than your cubical at work. That means its time to throw on your Sanuks and pick up a map, or don’t.

Letting yourself wander the land without a map or a plan is the beauty in traveling. Not at all who wander are lost, but all who wander wear Sanuks while doing it! To all you nomads out there in need of change and adventure, check out these 8 destinations. It might actually inspire you to get out of your la-z-boy and make moves. And the excuse of “not having enough money” is getting old, get a piggy bank and save up. People say that traveling is the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer (not literally) and I like to think the same goes for Sanuks. A purchase that will make you thrive in more ways than one.

Sanuks are more than just comfortable shoes, they are a way of life. We provide creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed product for people who find joy in shared experiences. These shoes are designed to let your foot move with the earth the way they were designed to, allowing you to walk naturally. They also keep you comfortable in uncomfortable situations, say traveling the world, adjusting to a culture, or learning an unfamiliar language.

We matched up a few pairs of Sanuks that would be perfect traveling companions in different parts of the world, especially these 8 destinations!

8 destinations to put at the top of your bucket list


8 destinations.jpg


Get lost in Donna Hemp

Where you would rather be:


Blue lagoon, Iceland

Dive into these Yoga Spree 2


Sacha lodge, Ecuador

Swing tree to tree in Savvy Anna


Northern lights, Alaska

Stay warm in your Honey Bee moccasins and experience the Northern Lights


Mykonos, Greece

Explore the streets of Greece in Ibiza Gypsy


Black forest, Germany

Get wanderlost in Juniper stone


Chichen Itza,Yucatan, Mexico

Put down the map and throw on your Fraidy Cat sanuks


Tianzi mountains,China

Hopefully you aren’t scared of heights, Stay Comfortable in your Yoga sling 2 prints even in the most uncomfortable places


Orcas cove, Ketchican, Alaska

                    Yoga Joy Funk


All things sanuk exist to make you smile. So when you get that urge of wanderlust and become hopelessly wanderlost remember that true happiness starts from the ground up!

Happy travels!