Moustache Madness: Donavon Frankenreiter Tour in Japan

In case you hadn’t heard, Donavon Frankenreiter is big in Japan. Almost Godzilla big. Well, maybe not that big… or scaly… or menacing even… but, definitely BIG. Maybe it’s his signature style that sets him apart from the masses. Maybe it’s the way his bearded bristles blow in the breeze. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s been making trips there for over 20 years now. Shoot, maybe it’s Maybelline. Who knows! The fact is, Japanese folks love Donny like a sumo loves sushi. And you better believe he loves ‘em right back…

Sightseeing during the Donavon Frankenreiter Tour in Shibuya Square

The Donavon Frankenreiter Tour hits Japan. Here Donny stops for some sightseeing at the infamous Shibuya Square Crossing. Photo: Adam Walker

Recently, we followed Donavon into the “Land of the Rising Fun” to experience the first-ever Moustache Madness Tour, a celebration hosted by our fun-lovin’ family in Sanuk Japan. The week-long celebration served as the kick off party for the region’s official launch and played host to a heap of happenings and groovin’ good times.

To start, the Sanuk crew and Donny hosted a private dinner at Royal Palace in Shibuya for some key retailers and select members of the press. With spirits high and pint glasses raised even higher (kampai), we rejoiced in each other’s company and sunk our teeth into some of the area’s finest cuisine. The best way to shake a food coma? Walk it off…

Donvaon Frankenreiter at Waiting for the Waves Shop in Aoyama

Donovan Frankenreiter minglin’ with the masses at Waiting for the Waves Shop in Aoyama. Stoke levels high! Photo: Adam Walker

Pit stops and photo-ops during Donavon's Tour

Pit stops and photo-ops! (Clockwise from the left) WTW, Freak’s and Relume by Journal Standard. Photo: Adam Walker

With his trusty Tropical Shipwrecked kicks on foot, Donavon then paid visits to handful of the finest store fronts in Tokyo. With his feet movin’ to the beat and his passion for fashion in full force, he and the crew swung by Relume by Journal Standard in Harajuku, cruised though WTW Surf Shop in Aoyama and capped things off with a mini-shindig at Freak’s Store in Shibuya. Along the way, Donny met up with Sanuk Founder Jeff Kelley & VP of Global Design Trisha Hegg for an impromptu inspiration hunt of epic proportions. Smiles for miles!

Sightseeing in Harajuku. A break from the Donny Tour

Donny and his passion for fashion hit the streets of Harajuku for some window shoppin’. Photo: Adam Walker

Donavon Frankenreiter rocking the Commodore in Red while on tour

With legs as the preferred method of location, comfort is a must. The Commodore comin’ in clutch. Photo: Adam Walker

Sounds like a bit like a tour, right? Well, what would Donavon Frankenreiter Tour be without a few top-tappin’ tunes? Upon the arrival of his bandmates Matt Grundy (bass / harmonica) and Michael Duffy (drums / percussion), Donavon swapped his chopsticks for six strings, stepped into a fresh pair of Commodores and took the stage. Time to jam! In true rockstar fashion, the traveling troubadour knocked folks’ socks off a pair of back-to-back gigs: a headlining performance at the incredible Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, followed by equally entertaining evening at Shibuya’s famous Duo Music Exchange. What a trip!

Donavon Frankenreiter Tour - Greenroom Festival Stage

The Donavon Frankenreiter Tour takes stage on the final night at the Greenroom Festival. Photo: Adam Walker

Greenroom Festival Stage

Dōmo arigatō Yokohama!  Photo: Adam Walker

Best finish to the Donavon Frankenreiter Tour

DF closes the show with the beloved “If It Don’t Matter”, a classic crowd-pleaser. Photo: Adam Walker

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