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Midi Life Crisis: New Tunes from Sanuk’s Walkie Talkie

blog.postedby: Adam Walker Tue, 15 Apr 2014 20:58:48 +0000

Walk through the double doors into Sanuk HQ and you’ll discover all walks of life. From surfers and climbers to champion dog breeders and professional burrito eaters, this eclectic family of ours prides itself in taking delight in diversity. Amongst our sea smile-seekers exists a spectrum of personalities, interests and talents. Speaking of talent…

Meet Sanuk’s Andrew Walker, a San Diego-based, surf-chasin’ graphic artist turned product designer. While we could chat for hours on end about what “Drewby” does day-in and day out on his double monitors, we’ve decided to flip the switch and ditch the Wacom tablet for a glimpse into how he spends his free time… creating and producing music. Sweet, sweet music. The following is an interview by Adam Walker (no relation).

Sanuk employee Andrew Walker enjoyin' the extracurriculars.

Sanuk employee Andrew Walker (a.k.a. Walkie Talkie) enjoyin’ the extracurriculars.

Adam: What first got you into making your own music? 

Andrew: I think it was a desire to see if I could make something similar to the artists I looked up to. I had no tradition training in music, so I knew it would be a challenge / experiment.


Your new full-length LP, “Midi Life Crisis“, just dropped. How would you describe the style of this album?

Well, different from my sound cloud account where I upload experimental and different style tracks in my progress as a producer… The album focuses on the traditional Walkie Talkie sound. It is 100% my style and I was just trying to do my thing.


Favorite track of the new LP? 

You Said” – I think it sums up the vibe of the album pretty well.

What’s the creative process like for you?

I start by finding an old school jam (often times on the way home from work) listening to Magic 92.5 . I search for a song where I can sample the drums. I build off of that…


Favorite effect, sound or mood?

Filters & reverb are great! They ad a nice retro vibe to anything.


Current cherished music influences?

Washed Out & Toro y Moi are my favorite, but I follow a ton of underground guys too. Theres a lot out there if you search!


Last live show you saw?

Cut Copy @ House of Blues San Diego. Ive seen them several times and it never gets old… only better.


What’s next for Walkie Talkie? 

My Live show debut as Walkie Talkie is happening! Ill be playing a 15 minute set @ the Break Bread on 420 Annual Party at the common grounds in San Diego.


For Andrew / Drewby / Walkie Talkie, follow his flow on Instagram: @walkie_talkie