MADE OF WATER: Ziggy Alberts

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Ziggy Alberts

Truth: Ziggy Alberts makes us smile. From his superb surf sliding to his immense passion for honest songwriting, this young Aussie lad is winning hearts everywhere he roams. Safe to say, we’re pretty flip-floppin’ stoked to have him as part of to the Sanuk tribe. Recently, our very own Adam Walker caught up with Ziggy to converse about all things grin-inducing – including the release of his inspiring new album, MADE OF WATER. Here’s what transpired…

Adam: First off – Hello, haircut! Why the chop of your luscious locks?

ZIGGY: I’ve had many awkward questions surrounding why I cut the locks – above all I was curious, and the maintenance was getting a little silly. I had a lot of changes going on in my life simultaneously, so I figured it a good idea.

Run us through typical day in the life…

ZIGGY: The days have changed my friends! Since I moved to Byron Bay, my days are a little more consistent – but I’m still on the road minimum two days a week. To give you some idea: Drive, drink coffee, surf, get dry organise things, get another coffee, end up late for a gig, drive, play some music, do paperwork and emails, drive; sleep the least amount I can to function. It changes day to day though, slightly.

Ziggy at home. Photo: @jackdekort

Ziggy wracking up frequent flyer smiles. Photo: @jackdekort

You’ve spent quite a bit of time on the road recently, but just settled in Byron Bay. What’s life like on the new homestead?

ZIGGY: Ah, Byron Bay. I love the physical aspects – it’s so beautiful. I haven’t really felt settled here, to be honest. I’ve always been so back and forth it just doesn’t feel legit. I think I need to work on making this house a home, you know? I mostly hang by myself. Terribly non-committal.

Let’s talk musical musings. How’d you get into it in the first place? Biggest sources of inspiration?

ZIGGY: I did a lot of writing, from a very young age. Worked for a couple magazines, did freelance stuff, my own blog; and then I finished school, started teaching myself how to play guitar. Its intricate, cryptic writing with a musical backdrop. Storytelling. It just happened as a natural progression from my writing. I could sing a little previously, but never took it seriously. That was a bit over two and a half years ago. As for influences, they have changed over the years. Back then it was a rap band called Horrorshow; later to date; it’s the likes of Justin Vernon, Ben Howard, Daughter and a couple local musicians in Byron Bay.

Ziggy Alberts LIVE

Ziggy Alberts LIVE in Australia.

Made of Water. Congrats! Care to share a little about what made you settle on that title?

ZIGGY: Hmm, how much should I tell you guys? Made of Water is a lyrical reference from the track called Waterside, track 4 on the album. It’s a song about learning to be clear in your love with another person. Very cryptic song, and artistically, a huge step forward in my guitar playing. The whole album is based around growth, love, and the ocean – if you listen to the album, I think you will understand.

Describe your sound in 3 words that all begin with the letter “S”.

ZIGGY: Natural.

Legend has it, you got to record with Paulie B down at the Tanuki Lounge. What was that experience like? Any favorite moments?

ZIGGY: Ah, Paulie B. It was a great experience. We drank coffee, ate sushi, and worked hard. Did some long hours in there; I really pushed myself, and he just helped me by doing what he does best, calmly, with a smile and his dreadlocks.

So when you’re not writing songs or making hearts melt on the interweb. Where are you most likely to be found?

ZIGGY: Trying to take myself seriously, which doesn’t happen very often. Probably on a highway after 7 coffees, onto my next gig. Hurting myself doing airs, scheming, planning. Trying to love the good people I meet along the way. Somewhere in a coastal town, either Byron Bay or Sunshine Coast.

If you could strum one chord on the guitar right now – only one – what would it be?

ZIGGY: I don’t know the name of the chords I use when I’m writing……..

Word is… You’re headed to California soon. What are you looking forward to the most?

ZIGGY: Oh, I can’t wait. California is on the big plans for 2014; I’m excited about everything. I probably should grow my hair back though, because at this rate, I do not impress any girls in any country. What I’m most excited about is playing music there!

Okay, let it out. Favorite pair of Sanuks?

My black adventure boots. Along with my black jeans they spend the most time with me, wherever I go. They make me feel really gangster. They are versatile for all styles of dancing and musical playing.

Famous last words?

ZIGGY: Let your heart walk further than your feet and your feet will follow.


Interview by Adam Walker / @ADMWLKR

For more Ziggy, visit www.ziggyalberts.com and check out his new album “Made of Water” – available now on iTunes. Your ears will thank you.

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