Happy Chillmore: A Convo with Ryder Cup Heckler David Johnson

So…. this happened:

Seriously, talk about putt-ing your money where your mouth is… and in a pair of “lucky loafers”, no less. David Johnson = Instant Legend.

From CNN to ESPN, Golf Digest to Barstool Sports, everyone lost their S#!T over this guy. We just had to track him down. Luckily, we had the fine fortune of chatting with the man himself over the phone. Here’s what our newfound friend said to say about the whole thing…

Adam (Sanuk) : David! First and foremost…. Kudos to you for sinking that putt!

David Johnson: Yeah, right? Appreciate it. One in a million chance, I think, so I’ll take that.nLike I said, all I did, I shouted out that I could make it and they just gave me an opportunity to embarrass myself.

Adam: That’s awesome. Are you a big golfer?

David: If I can get out a dozen times a year, that’s pretty good for me. I’m not a terrible golfer but I’m definitely not a good golfer by any stretch of the imagination.

Adam: We had some of the crew wondering what did you spend that $100 on? Buy any more Sanuks?

David: Right? You know, it did cross my mind… but no, I actually had the opportunity to get that $100 bill signed by those guys. So that is going in a frame that’s going to probably cost way more than $100. It’s going to be in my office until one of my boys probably wants to take it from me.

Adam: Well-played!

David: You gotta keep those things. That’s just unbelievable for them to do that… So that $100 bill will not be spent.


Adam: So… What other sports are you basically best in the world at when wearing your Sanuks?

David: [laughter] Maybe folding laundry, possibly vacuuming. [laughter] I would not go that far. Man, “best in the world”is a far stretch in my realm.

Adam: Epic. [laughter] We were cracking up. We were pondering the possibilities of like, “What if you put on a pair of Sanuks and then, all of the sudden you’re good at one, one play, for one sport like field goals or shooting a free-throw or making a punt?” And so, we were dreaming up this alternate reality where that was the case but it all started with you as the inspiration….

David: That’s right, that’s right. I think you have a very good basis for a new comic series.

Adam: [laughter] We’ll have to get some illustrators on it. You’ll have to be the superhero of that thing…

David: I’d sign off on it!

Adam: [laughter] If you could heckle anyone in history, who would it be and why?

David: Honestly, for me, it was that group. I’m such a golf fanatic. As far as the spectator, I love golf. Like you said, I was sitting on the couch two weekends ago, watching Rory Mcilroy win the FedEx Cup, win the tour championship with my boys and my wife and now, all of a sudden, I’ve met them, got to talk to them. So, that was a dream for me. I mean I lived it. I got to live probably, my highlight so it’s been such a phenomenal experience. It’s such a great memory for me.


Adam: Any advice that you’d want to give any young, aspiring hecklers out there?

David: Yeah…Don’t do it. [laughter] It turns out that you could get called out so stay away from it. [laughter]

Adam: [laughter] So good. I love it. I think this probably goes down as one of my favorite things to happen in sports in a long, long time…

David: It’s been a wild ride and enjoying it, enjoying every minute and just having fun with it. I mean, it’s one of those moments you just gotta have fun with. Ya know?

Adam: Absolutely!

David: The next line has to be a golf-inspired pair of Sanuks. That’s what we gotta figure out… Let’s get a pair of shoes that I can wear on the golf course. Now that would be my dream.

Adam: We’ll call it the Heckler, how’s that?

David: I like it. I’m in love with the idea.

Adam: A size 13 Heckler. That’d be pretty sick…

David: There you go. Right on. Now that’s a product we all can stand by…


And with that, we wrapped up our chat with a few more laughs – and of course, a proper plan in place to hook David up with some brand new Sanuks…. You didn’t think we’d forget about that part now, did you? Smile… pass it on!


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