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How dope is that title?  I can remember the editor, Tony Vercelli, was in the very beginning stages of piecing this thing together and he used the title just as a placeholder.  I laughed at first, but then it kind of started growing on me.  So cliché, but at the same time so very very true and awesome. I don’t know. It just worked. So, when it came time to actually picking a name we couldn’t find anything to surpass that first placeholder…so…with that we have Bielmann: Straight Up the Man.  A short film presented by Sanuk featuring famed Surf Photographer Brian Bielmann as he covers the 2012 Pipe Masters, while also record shopping, recounting the greatest shot of his life, and other stories along his 30+ year career shooting surf photography on the North Shore, Oahu.  See below.

The film premiered @SurferBar  in December of 2013 .  We  ended up doing a Q+A with Mr. Bielmann.  What an honor I must say.

In addition to alllllll that…in October Sanuk held a Brian Bielmann Instagram photo contest where the winner won a trip to Hawaii for Pipe Masters and shooting with the man himself. (LINK) Enter Luke Forgay, winner of said contest from Anahiem California. Stoked up-and-comer. He took the place by storm. Shooting at Pipe, getting in the water, making it happen…

Brian Bielmann Straight up the Man


In the end, the best part of all was we were staying in the same hotel Forgetting Sara Marshall was shot in. Quotes for days. Classssic…

Smile… Pass it on!

Joey Maiocco
Bielmann: Straight Up the Man

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