Raise a Glass – The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards

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Bono you're so cold.

Bono you’re so cold.

Ah yes, awards season has finally arrived. Last night it was kicked off by the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards. After a long day of watching the NFL playoffs, I decided to tune into the Golden Globes, which was hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. But pretty much immediately following the opening monologue (which I thoroughly enjoyed), I began to drift into my inevitable Sunday evening hangover slumber. While falling in and out of dreamland, here are some moments I enjoyed and reflections I took from Hollywood’s most inebriated night:

- I hope people appreciate Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as much as I do. They continue to push the envelope as some of our time’s greatest comedians. Enjoy it while it’s here. (And if you didn’t catch Tina’s joke about Mr. DiCaprio at the end of the show, please youtube it. It’s worth it, trust me.)

- The TV stars were pretty much kicked to the back of the room. The layout of the table seating basically pushed all TV personality towards the exit, creating a wayyyy-too-long and baffling maze of a walk from the back to the stage. Maybe think about a clear walkway for next years seating, Mr. President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

- Let’s follow that up with one of the most awkwardly confusing acceptance speeches I’ve ever seen. I really hope SNL takes a stab at this, it could be great.

I’ll just assume it was the combination of vodka and emotions speaking…Moving on.

- Sean “Diddy” Combs being, well, Diddy. This post on Buzzfeed does a great job of showing exactly what I’m talking about. Maybe he had a little too much of his Ciroc vodka, and If so, he did a wonderful job of advertising his own product. And can he please be a part of every awards ceremony from here on out. After all, it’s all about entertainment right?

- BREAKING BADDDDDDDD. Bryan Cranston Best Actor in a TV Drama. Breaking Bad for Best TV Drama. ‘Nuff said.

- ‘American Hustle’ doing exactly what I’d thought it would do, win a bunch of awards. Best Motion Picture – Comedy, Best Actress – Amy Adams, and Best Supporting Actress – Jennifer Lawrence. Well done ‘Hustle,’ well done.

- This guy on the left. Stoked to be a winner.

American Hustle Best Motion Picture


- Jared Leto’s new hairstyle, which he named the “pony-bun.” Sick bro.

Jared Leto hairstyle


- I was genuinely happy for Andy Samburg and Amy Poehler for their wins for Best Actor and Best Actress in a TV Comedy Series. Well deserved for both of them and it’s great to see talented and likable SNL alums continuing to thrive.

- ’12 Years a Slave’ won Best Motion Picture – Drama. I was really happy to see this since they didn’t win for 6 other nominations they had. It definitely deserved this award.

- Leo won an award for Best Actor in a Comedy, which was pretty hilarious actually. It almost seemed beneath him. I think he says it best:


- And last but not least, the one and only Mr. Matthew McConaughey. Let’s all raise a glass, he quite simply is The Man. His win for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama (Dallas Buyers Club) is very well deserved. There’s not much more to say except this could be beginning of what I believe will be the biggest year of his career. Alright, alllright, allllrighhhttt, sit back, relax, and enjoy the The Man at his finest:


Here’s to another Golden Globe Awards, I can’t wait to sleep through half of it next year.

As the coming weeks approach, Sanuk Film Club will be continuing to review the years best films as the Academy Awards approach. Stay tuned!

- Tony Vercelli
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